Picture of me on Mont Royal
Beautiful fall / autumn leaves on Mont Royal!

Hi! I’m Raph, a final year Mathematics and Computer Science major at McGill University, in Montreal, Canada. I am interested in:

  • exploring artificial intelligence in areas where it can affect positive social and environmental change
  • the ethics of AI

I work under Prof. Jin Guo in the Knowledge and Software Technology (KAST) lab, researching the impact of fairness mitigation techniques on privacy preserving Machine Learning.

Currently, I am part of the McGill Artificial Intelligence Society, where I have met a lovely community of humans who share and broaden my interests! I also volunteer in my spare time as a web developer with Earth Hero, another awesome group of activists passionate about effectively responding to the climate emergency.

I drink gallons of tea, thrive in warm weather, and have a soft spot for cats. I am currently fostering a young, wide-eyed kitty from the SPCA named Chance.

Send me a message if you’re interested in working together (Or if you have cute cat photos to share)!